Hurricane Irene Meets The Dummies


Dummy 1:  Welcome to our Tea Party.  We dummies are broadcasting from New York.  Aaa!  There goes another dummy.  We’re in the middle of a hurricane.  We just suffered through an earthquake.  .  Dummies wake up!  We are seeing erratic weather more and more frequently all over the globe and it’s time for us to acknowledge something.  The signs have been evident for a long time, but some people still refuse to see them.  Experts have been telling us that this would occur if we kept doing certain things, but some of you are still in denial.  Dummies, the time has come to connect the dots.  The time has come to face the truth.  The time has come to realize why we’re being punished.

It’s because New York passed gay marriage.  (AAA!)  Dummies, we shouldn’t have let the gays marry!



Hurricane Irene Meets The Dummies

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