Mitt Romney The Musical

Mitt Romney! Mitt Romney is a mystery cat

He’s of the one percent

He’s a master Venture capit’list who pines for President

He’s in Boston, he’s in Utah

He’s at Bain, he’s listed there

But when you peel the filings back, Mitt Romney’s not there!


Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney, he retired retroactively

He’s banking in the Cayman Isles

His friends are foreign entities

His powers of job creation should be clear as daylight’s glare

But when you seek the numbers out Mitt Romney’s not there!


You may seek him at Bain Capital

You may look at Romneycare

But I tell you once and once again

Mitt Romney’s not there!


Mitt Romney is a sneaky cat

With convictions razor thin

He supports a woman’s right to choose, no wait that’s now a sin

Global Warming, yes it’s happening

No wait, it’s really not

that’s a socialist conspiracy

An Obama liberal plot

He flips and flops from left to right

And holds that glassy stare

But when you look into his eyes

Mitt Romney isn’t there!


Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney, Fulfills the White Horse Prophecy

With his secret ceremonies

And his multiple Residencies

You won’t see what’s in his blind trusts

Or his sacred underwear

‘Cuz when it’s time to open up Mitt Romney’s not there!


He’s outwardly respectable

He tithes his ten percent

And his fingerprints aren’t found in any files that moved offshore


And when the pension’s looted

Or the equity’s been stifled

Or when the money’s missing

Or the labor contracts rifled

Or the acquisition’s broken (smash), the investment past repair

There’s the wonder of the thing:

Mitt Romney wasn’t there!


Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney, Conservative?  Severely!

His puppies ride upon the roof, they love it there, no really

He always has an alibi and one or two to spare

Whatever place he took before, Mitt Romney’s no longer there!

Mitt Romney The Musical

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